Ok, I had better make an entry before this day is through. My new year’s resolution was to write in my journal.. I didn’t do too hot for the first 3 months of 2005, But with my daughter’s birth at 15 weeks premature and all, I think I had a pretty good excuse. Now I […]

Hallah – freakin -lulliah. (I know its misspelled, but who gives a care!) I GOT IT WORKING!!! WAHOO!!! YIPEE!!! The answer went something like this: Turns out that all DVD Devices will pull a /dev/hdx device in all versions of Red Hat 7.3 and later. Turns out that only root has write access to that […]

Happy Easter! Good News. I got my movie/slideshow thing done. Hopefully, I can find a place to host it and get it out to the world. I’ll be working on the other one over the next couple weeks. Hopefully this one will go well and all. Linux is still giving me hell. My DVD Burner […]

Ok, today I about killed my computer. I was trying to get the DVD Burner to work in Fedora, and that was a trial of its own. So I booted into Windows (Dual Boot System for the time being) and used Nero 6.0 to burn my compilations. Well, Lets get on with my findings. For […]

Today’s conquest…. online storage. My server at home has a crawling internet connection, but I want to serve a web site. I am out to look for online storage and web mirrors that will serve my LARGE files for free. When I find something, I’ll let you know. I have already found a free online […]

Whoa! I just reloaded my PC with Fedora Core 3, (due to the boot partition problem listed from yesterday). Well, I found the coolest application. I prefer to use Apt-get to update, install and manage packages on my system. Well, there is a GUI front end for apt-get that is very nice. Its called Synaptic, […]

Fedora Notes From My Past (Based on FC3): VNC Server: Ok, this is what I have learned about VNC Server. X Windows runs its X Server on display :0, so If you want to run your VNC Server on Display :0 you have to remove the default X Server from that display. VNC Server runs […]

Ok. It looks like my first real first entry is going to be a gripe. I have a question for all you folks out there… If the speed limit says 55, how fast should you drive? Well, if you are in my town today, the answer is somewhere between 40 and 45. My hell, this […]

Well, Looks like I have found a new place to move. Hopefully this will allow me to use post to the blog more often. The only thing I can’t find is how to post to this thing using anything other than the website. My old blog used to let me EMAIL my posts in. Looks […]