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Ok. It looks like my first real first entry is going to be a gripe. I have a question for all you folks out there… If the speed limit says 55, how fast should you drive? Well, if you are in my town today, the answer is somewhere between 40 and 45. My hell, this morning, I had a half an hour to get to work, which is ample time to get there, but for some reason, it was “All drivers drive 45 MPH” day in Colorado. I couldn’t catch a break. I had to be at work today before 7:00, and thanks to the freaks of the industry that drive the roadways, I got here by the skin of my teeth! GRRRR.

Well, on a lighter note – I was sent this article by a friend (http://www.consumerfed.org/benefitsofpeertopeer.pdf). Turns out that there is an advocate for Peer2Peer (p2p) networking at Stanford Law. This is a PDF illustrating the benefits of p2p networking. It seems to be a TON of good reasons for it and a few bad reasons… so lets weigh this out a little. lots of good can outweigh a little bad…. sounds like the capital punishment system. Most states logically believe that it is better a guilty man go free than an innocent man be charged for something he didn’t do. Same goes for p2p, Its better to keep the technology legal for the huge benefits than to close a good technology for the evil it can be used for. Might as well take computers away from people, because they are NEVER going to stop burning CDs, Take VCRs and TIVO away because someone will always record something off the tele. C’mon people. This is a battle that we have fought since the dawn of technology… give it up.

In the world of Fedora (others posts to move from another site): Do not install your /boot partition on a raid/scsi device that the bios does not see. LOL, I did this over the weekend, and got a grub hard drive error.