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Happy Easter! Good News. I got my movie/slideshow thing done. Hopefully, I can find a place to host it and get it out to the world. I’ll be working on the other one over the next couple weeks. Hopefully this one will go well and all.

Linux is still giving me hell. My DVD Burner is showing up as /dev/hdb (a hard drive device) rather than the way it should at /dev/dvd. I don’t know why its doing this, but let me tell you, it effects everything you want to do as a user. For instance, K3B won’t allow a common user to burn. Because the burner shows up as a hard drive, only root has access to burn to the drive. Also, DVD::Rip (a wonderful DVD ripping program for linux) will not allow the dvd drive to be pointed to a hard drive device. If you tell DVD::Rip that the dvd is a hard drive /dev/hdb or something, it won’t allow you to work unless you are root (there is the root thing again). So, here’s what I did to work around.

I could burn with K3B by changing the permissions to the /etc/cdrecord folder to 777. I tried changing the mount point /media/dvd to 777, but that didn’t do anything. So, my K3B works, DVD::Rip doesn’t. I need to find out how to move the DVD from /dev/hdb to /dev/dvd. If you know how, please let me know! I am desperate. If I don’t find anything out soon, I’ll (hopefully not, but) be reloading my machine YET AGAIN to get it working right. GRRRR. I haven’t had this many problems since I tried to get windows to Burn to my DVD burner. LOL.