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Ok, I had better make an entry before this day is through. My new year’s resolution was to write in my journal.. I didn’t do too hot for the first 3 months of 2005, But with my daughter’s birth at 15 weeks premature and all, I think I had a pretty good excuse. Now I don’t justify my missing three months though. I apologize.

My wife talked to Social Security today and it turns out that we qualify for the security. Ashlynn is in bad enough condition and we are too that social security is able to help out. That means that Medicaid can too… We’ll see.

On the Fedora Front, Nothing to report tonight. I finished my video to “the Prayer of the Children” and am still looking for a place to load it. I am working on another religious dvd presentation. Its called “Learn of Me” and it illustrates the life of Christ to music. So, I am at the compiling stage. I am collecting the pictures and music I am going to be using in my next presentation. Once I get the collection stage completed (scanning and searching on google) I’ll compose my masterpiece, Burn to DVD and rip it down and share it on the EDonkey. — HEY — that’s not a bad idea. Look for Buthon’s Prayer of the Children on EDonkey/Overnet! that’s a good way to get it done.

If you have any pictures (High Resolution) that Illustrates the Life of Christ, or from the new testiment in general, please send them to my email address at themaskedcrusader@gmail.com.

That’s about all to report today. OH – No its not… I got another technology story to tell. Today at work (Unfortunately, They use Win-blows there) I had WinXP loaded and decided to load up Service Pack 2. I didn’t like what it did to my PC, so I removed Service Pack 2 through the Control Panel… Don’t EVER do that. It totally FuBaReD my system beyond repair. I got locked in a continuous loop of rebooting until, finally, the computer stopped rebooting. Lucky for me, It connected to the network and I could pull my data off the computer before I had to wipe and reload it. Sucky for me, I didn’t pay attention to where I saved my information, and ended up deleting all of it. Ouch…. thank goodness I save all my Important stuff to a location with Backup and Recovery. So, All you windows users, DO NOT REMOVE SERVICE PACK 2 FOR WINDOWS XP. you’ll sink your computer faster than the Titanic, and unless you are lucky enough to be on a network, there will be NO survivors. Have a good night.