Emeryisms volume 2: When I play with Emery, I “hide” her binkies in my mouth… the whole thing. Yeah, its kinda gross, but we have a good time wrestling and fighting for the binkies and such… anyways, the other day, Emery was walking around without a binky and one of her aunts asked her where […]

Another day, Another dollar, Another something else I can’t remember. On the Linux Front. I have been working on getting my system up to the stage that I want it to be. Server status is this, I currently have 3x 160Gig hard drives (fourth to come along soon) and an 80 gig hard drive. These […]

Well, I cannot believe how the time flies. What, its been almost 2 weeks since I put in an entry. Let’s get on with this. 🙂 First of all, Ashlynn is doing ok. She has been off the ventilator for almost 2 weeks now and seems to be doing good. Her left foot is clubed, […]

Alrighty. I have some great news: My Daughter is Due Today!! My daughter was born in January 1, 2005. We were on vacation and my wife went into labor. Well, My daughter was born 15 weeks premature. She is still in the hospital, but she is finally due. You know what that means, she is […]

Whoo! Somebody stop me. Back on the linux front, I have had to REMOVE slackware (you heard me right) and reinstalled Fedora.. one change tho. I formatted all 6 of my hard drives with the ReiserFS (version 3.6). Fedora runs EXTREMELY faster. I couldn’t believe the difference. I suppose it would be even better if […]

This weekend has been full of working on my computer. I didn’t plan for it to be that way, but it was. I was going to install my stereo into my car, since the car it’s currently in doesn’t run and I am getting rid of it… but that didn’t pan out. Turns out that […]

Ashlynn Update: Ashlynn has been off the CPAP for over 24 hours and is still breathing on her own. She spend less than 1 day (18 hours or so) on the CPAP whereas most preemies have to be on the CPAP for a week or so before they are good to go. In the world […]

Ashlynn Update from Grandma: Ashlynn was taken off her ventilator yesterday afternoon and put on a CPAP machine. She had also been given three big doses of steroids before having this done. She handled being off the ventilator beautifully, but REALLY fought and hated the CPAP machine. She began crying the minute they put on […]

Dang! I can’t believe how hard it is to keep up with a blog while working, schooling and juggling my time so I can visit my family. New news on the Ashlynn Front: Ashlynn (my little girl for those who are new) came off her ventalater yesterday and was put on a CPAP. She didn’t […]

Whew. its been a few days since my last post. Sorry. On the Fedora Front – there is no news to report because I have been in Utah visiting my family. News on Ashlynn. She is doing good – she is up to 5 pounds 6 ounces! wahoo! She is finally getting ready to get […]