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Whew. its been a few days since my last post. Sorry. On the Fedora Front – there is no news to report because I have been in Utah visiting my family.

News on Ashlynn. She is doing good – she is up to 5 pounds 6 ounces! wahoo! She is finally getting ready to get off her ventilator, so on Wednesday next week, she will be taken off the vent and put on a CPAP. That will be exciting. I got to hold her for about an hour Friday evening. That was really nice. Today we went up and got to spend a couple hours with her.. she is so pretty and getting so big! I am so proud of her! Pictures to come.

My wife and I went to Sears and got pictures taken, finally 🙂 So that was exciting. I guess I don’t know much else. I am sure more will come out once I get home 🙂