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Ashlynn Update from Grandma: Ashlynn was taken off her ventilator yesterday afternoon and put on a CPAP machine. She had also been given three big doses of steroids before having this done. She handled being off the ventilator beautifully, but REALLY fought and hated the CPAP machine. She began crying the minute they put on the CPAP and cried continuously until late last night when the medical staff finally decided to drug her in order to allow her to relax and sleep. Kristin was holding Ashlynn most of the day, crying right along with her, mainly because she’d never heard Ashlynn’s voice before, so that was overwhelming, and secondly, because she could see the distress Ashlynn was in.

Ashlynn slept well during the night (because of being so heavily drugged), but woke up this morning and started in again with her crying and being so miserable. At that point the respitory therapist and Ashlynn’s nurse decided on their own to take her off the CPAP machine and put her directly on oxygen, just to see how she would handle that. That happened about an hour ago, and so far, Ashlynn is doing okay with her breathing, and has relaxed now that the CPAP machine has been removed. All the oxygen does is keep Ashlynn’s lungs open; she has to do all the actual breathing by herself. I’m asking you to remember Ashlynn in your prayers today, as she needs an extra “boost”. We’re all in hopes she can maintain her breathing with just the oxygen alone, because there’s the big chance she might decide this breathing stuff is just too hard and not want to continue doing it on her own. That will be quite a miracle if she’s able to go from the ventilator to just oxygen, as most babies have to be on the CPAP for awhile before they can go to oxygen, but Ashlynn is not willing to put up with the CPAP either. Like we keep telling you, she REALLY has an attitude and a mind of her own. Her nurses keep telling Kristin they’ve never, ever worked with a baby as stubborn and strong-willed as this one is! We’re grateful she has that kind of personality though, as we believe that’s what has kept her going from the day she was born.