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Dang! I can’t believe how hard it is to keep up with a blog while working, schooling and juggling my time so I can visit my family.

New news on the Ashlynn Front: Ashlynn (my little girl for those who are new) came off her ventalater yesterday and was put on a CPAP. She didn’t like that one bit, but she was keeping her O2 saturation levels up… which means she was breathing on her own. Go girl!!

She didn’t like the CPAP though. she fought and fought against it, and finally yanked it out a couple times. They have had to sedate her to get her to leave her tubes alone. They have given her steroid treatments so that her lungs will develop well and she will be able to get off the CPAP and onto standard oxygen as quick as possible. We are all praying.

On the Fedora Front (Linux Front): Fedora Core 3 tries to be EVERYTHING for EVERY COMPUTER. This means that the kernel is EXTREMELY Large – resulting in slower proformance. I am currently looking for versions of Linux that are smaller and more compatible and usable for my desktop. Last night I installed Gentoo.

Gentoo: Compiled from source, so you are actually building your own distro rather than loading an “Already complete” distro. This is nice because when you get to kernel compiliation, you can compile it for your specific hardware. I compiled and got it installed and could not believe how fast it went. Pros: Small Fast kernel. Cons: didn’t have support for my Network Cards (AT&T Plug and Share 6500g WiFi and 3Com 3c2000 Gigabit card). Also, after you get the kernel installed and such, you still have to install XOrg and KDE before you get a graphical interface… Catch 22 – you neet internet to get this done.

Next, I tried Yoper.

Yoper: Really nice. Install was very easy and support for ReiserFS 3.6 and 4.0 are both build into the Kernel. The kernel is optimized for i686 Processors, and my P4/Celeron generation processor is supported. Pros: Built on the best things from the best distros:

  • The base system is built from scratch.
  • Packagetools come from Slackware (installpkg, removepkg).
  • Raidtools from Red Hat.
  • Kudzu Hardware recognition from Red Hat.
  • Startup scripts from Red Hat.
  • Mozilla from Netscape Ltd.
  • OpenOffice from Sun.
  • Hwsetup from Knoppix.
  • Sax2, Yast2 from SuSE
  • KDE 3.3.
  • Apt tools from Debian.
  • Synaptic from Connectiva.

    Cons Kernel is VERY Picky about DMA being installed. I have an old 10Gig drive that has problems with DMA, so I usually pass in ide=nodma to the kernel when booting. Yoper does NOT like this. Gentoo, Fedora, White Box, Mandrake all don’t mind, but Yoper – forget it. So, I am gonna give slackware a try and maybe knoppix and/or yoper using a different hard drive. Updates to come.