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Ashlynn Update: Ashlynn has been off the CPAP for over 24 hours and is still breathing on her own. She spend less than 1 day (18 hours or so) on the CPAP whereas most preemies have to be on the CPAP for a week or so before they are good to go.

In the world of Linux. I have left the Fedora Craze and have installed and fell in love with Slackware! It is awesome. It is fast, it is preferred by command line junkies (like me) and I just LOVE the quotes in 10.1. get it! However, with Slack 10.1, there is a ton of settings to make.. like how to get the 5 button mouse to work with xorg. or how to get sound to work.. Still learning. Since Slack isn’t geared to be compatible with EVERYTHING, you need to do a lot of setup by yourself. Notes to come on how to do it.