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This weekend has been full of working on my computer. I didn’t plan for it to be that way, but it was. I was going to install my stereo into my car, since the car it’s currently in doesn’t run and I am getting rid of it… but that didn’t pan out.

Turns out that this weekend, they forecast last week a huge blizzard. This gets ironic, so keep reading 🙂

So, Saturday rolls around. Where I live, we get insane amounts of snow – like a little storm yields at least a foot, a blizzard can yield 24 or more inches. I knew this was going to be ghe case, so I called my trusty friend Neo and asked if I could bum at his place so I could show up to work today. Well, wouldn’t you know it, The blizzard hits and we get snowed in on the 10th.Well, today, I rolled out of the drive and went to work and – wouldn’t you have guessed it – the base was closed. I got to the building and the door guy tells me to leave because they have closed the base. So I call Neo and tell him I am coming back because the base is closed… he has to work. So I sat around all day playing with Linux and watching standup comedy. sheesh