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Whoo! Somebody stop me. Back on the linux front, I have had to REMOVE slackware (you heard me right) and reinstalled Fedora.. one change tho. I formatted all 6 of my hard drives with the ReiserFS (version 3.6). Fedora runs EXTREMELY faster. I couldn’t believe the difference. I suppose it would be even better if I installed a 7200 RPM Master drive. oh well.. back to fedora.

I have done some serious modding of my distro though. I finally got the kernel mod for my AT&T wireless card working. So now I am wireless with Linux. That is awesome.

I was snowed in with my buddy, Neo, this weekend. So we messed around with linux, games and our website – www.donewithwindows.com. We have been working on adding content and hopefully we can get some support. If you would like help with converting to linux, or if you would like to help populate the forum with good information, let either me or neophyte13 (www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=neophyte13) and we will work with ya.