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Well, I cannot believe how the time flies. What, its been almost 2 weeks since I put in an entry. Let’s get on with this. 🙂

First of all, Ashlynn is doing ok. She has been off the ventilator for almost 2 weeks now and seems to be doing good. Her left foot is clubed, so she has been casted to straighten it out. It will be about 3 years before the foot is correct, but that is ok. She recently tried to yank out her feeding tube, and got milk (formula) into her lungs… so we are waiting to see what that turns into. There is a chance she will develop pnumonea, but she hasn’t yet, so that is a good thing. All in all, she seems to be doing ok. I am flying to Utah to be with my family this weekend! That makes me happy.

I was talking to my wife about my other daughter, Emery, and the things she comes up with. I am calling these little phrases “Emery-isms”

1: I was putting Emery down for a nap and she asked me for a binkie. I told her that she had lost all of them and, since she is a big girl (2 and a half), she didn’t need a binkie. She looked me square in the eyes and said, “Then make one!”

2: To get Emery off the binkie, my wife cut off the top of an orange binkie so it wouldn’t feel right in her mouth. Meanwhile, Emery found a blue one that she doesn’t let go. So, to get Emery to give up the binkies, Mom asked Em, “Can we give your old binkies to Baby Ashlynn?” Emery, without missing a beat, replied “Baby Ashlynn can have the orange one, Emery get’s the blue!”

3: Emery was walking through the kitchen, and Aunt Kellie asked her, “Hi Emery, Are you good today?” Emery Replied “No, I am Great!”

4: When she is bored, Emery will throw her hands in the air and say “So, What are we gonna do now!”

5. Emery was taking a bath the other day and was making quite a racket in there. I poked my head in the door and asked what she was doing, she calmly replied, “I’m Rowing!” I don’t know where she even learned about rowing.