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Another day, Another dollar, Another something else I can’t remember.

On the Linux Front. I have been working on getting my system up to the stage that I want it to be. Server status is this, I currently have 3x 160Gig hard drives (fourth to come along soon) and an 80 gig hard drive. These will be soon shifted from my 2.4 to a P3.1.4 – I figure that as a file server, I don’t need such a powerhouse to run linux and serve web pages. Fedora Core 3’s recommended requirement for GUI is a P2 400… so I should be fine. My 2.4 will be converted to a windows (I know, its sad) machine for dedicated game play, since most of my games are extremely choppy and slow when run through cedaga, and a dedicated Video processing station. I have started making films and authoring my own DVDs, and the software of choice only runs on windows. So, as much as I won’t be using windows as a primary machine, the games and video processing will require the power of my faster, better machine. UNLESS I can figure out a way to run windows apps on linux using a better API and can find a very easy, yet powerful video processing application for Linux.

The games I am most concerned about running are those like Doom3, Sims 2 (Fun game – Don’t knock it until you have tried it), Dungeon Siege, and prolly something like World of Warcraft (dang fun game). These only run on windows. Doom 3 has a linux installer available from ID Software, but still doesn’t work as well as I want it to.

Video software I use is Sonic Foundry’s Video Vegas 4 and DVD Architect 1.0, both running on Windows XP. I tried Cinnalira (or however its spelled) for linux, but the rendering and functionality just didn’t work the way I needed it to. So, if someone reads this and knows a good authoring program for Linux, please let me know (comments accepted).

Also, my wife is not convinced that Linux is the way to go, so I’ll have to convert her, but until she is converted, she will want a windows pc. sorry guys.