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On Tuesday, May 17, Ashlynn Danielle Schalk went home from the hospital. She is now at home after a 137 day stay in the hospital. She came home on Oxygen and a blood saturation monitor, but other than that, she is doing good. She is eating on her own. She graduated from the feeding tube last Friday. Mom is doing ok. She is exhausted but is glad that her baby girl is home. They are working on their schedule now and will be (hopefully) getting a good schedule down. I have my other daughter now, so at least she (Mom) only had one baby to worry about rather than 2. On that note. Emery was riding home with me across Wyoming and made the funniest Emeryism yet:

About Rock Springs, Wy, (approximately 3 hours into our drive home) Emery piped up over the sound of her movie and said “I have an idea!” I was worried about this one, So I asked her what her idea was. She said, “You sit back here (in her car seat) and I’ll drive!” I almost died laughing. How does a girl just shy of 3 years old know about driving? Funny!

Emery came home and played with one of her friends, Piper, for a couple hours while I conversed with a bunch of old friends. That was nice, and Emery liked it. We then went to my parents house and Emery played with her Grammi and Papa! When my dad went outside, Emery ran across the back yard with her arms spread yelling “Papa! Papa!” just like in an old movie. It was absolutely adorable.