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Well, Atleast this is a weekly blog… Updated Every Wednesday!! My daughter, Emery, has to go back to her mother this weekend. I won’t say that I am excited about that. I haven’t gotten to spend this much time with her since December. I do get to see her every other weekend, but having to leave her after that weekend is over just kills me. I have been grateful for the last 2 weeks, but I am really wishing I could have her for another week.

Last night, we were playing together. We stacked a bunch of pillows on a bed and I was flying her through the air into the pillows. I don’t know if you have ever hefted and tossed a 35 pound toddler 25 times, but that will take it out of you. She was giggling and squealing, loving every minute of it. After each dive into the pillows, she would get up, run off the edge of the bed and kinda fall or jump into my arms to do it again. After about 25 “flights,” I was extremely worn out. I flopped myself onto the bed and, panting, played like I had passed out. [Emeryism] She came over to me, patted me on the head and Asked, “Daddy, are you alright.” She eventually pushed me off the bed, causing me to sit up. Seeing me sit up, she quickly said, “He’s all better” and she jumped off the edge of the bed expecting me to catch her. I did — don’t worry.

Well, that game was fun and all, I really ache today. The game lasted about 45 minutes, between the flying, flopping and wrestling. Her bed time was approaching, so to calm her down, we went and watched Mulan (for the 100th time or more). She went to bed without a fight!

Earlier last night, before the “I’m a bird” game (mentioned above) she and I went to release my goldfish into the wild… kinda. I had 2 gold fish that were about 10 inches each or so. I only have a tiny little 30 gallon tank, rather than the 4000 gallon pond where we released them. I have a friend who, during the Colorado Drought, nonetheless, replaced the grassy backyard of his house with a huge 4000 gallon water feature, complete with pump house and waterfall. So, a few years ago, he bought a bunch of gold fish and koi for his man made pond and they have all grown pretty well. I added mine to his collection, along with a placo named Kerby, and they seemed to like the more space and such. So that was fun.

On the Computer front:

Over the weekend, I bought a new computer (by parts). I bought an AMD Athlon 1.2 GHz and Motherboard for my server. I’ll be running Fedora on my Web/file server and my Celeron 2.4 has been promoted to my video game server. I took the 80 Gig out of my server and used that for my Windows XP Games Box. Well, Linux FUBAR’d my MBR and no windows tool could restore the MBR to allow the computer to boot to windows. I finally got a Hard Drive tool from Seagate and Zero’d out the drive. That worked — tricked the computer into thinking it was a factory new hard drive. Loaded it up with Windows XP (128MB vid card and 512MB ram) and installed some of my favorite games (Doom3, Dungeon Siege, Descent 3). Well, The other day, I found a Beta test for Dungeon Siege II. I signed up my machine and downloaded the 1.7Gig file and installed it. DS2 is awesome. Great graphics and game play is awesome. I’ll write a better review when I have played it for more than 20 minutes.