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Friday this week. Whew, it’s been busy lately. Last weekend, I went out to Utah to return my oldest to my wife (she was missing her) and I needed to spend time with my newest, Ashlynn. She is so much fun. We got pictures of my oldest holding my youngest.

Well, I have a list of Emeryisms, so now I have my first addition to my Ashlynn-isms. We were standing at church on Sunday and were getting really bored in Sunday School, so we used our little Ashlynn as bait to get us out of the class. As we walked the halls, she fell asleep in my arms. This shows how much the hospital stay has effected her. She is so use to noises and alarms. Well, near the end of class, we were waiting by the door to get her stuff so we could go, and the end of class bell went off. This bell in our church is one of those loud ringer bells like your school had to signal the end of class… and we were standing right below it. Now, most people, infants particularly, would have jumped really bad and screamed and all… you think Ashlynn did? No. She casually opened her eyes, looked around and promptly went back to sleep. What a trooper!

Well, after my return, I began work on my next DVD project. I am making a presentation (kinda like a digital slide presentation) of the life of Jesus Christ. It’s going pretty well. We’ll see how good it looks when I am done with it. I think to date I’ve logged about 20 hours or more on this thing. So, it will be awesome when I get it done!

That’s all for now, More to come later.