GRRR. Looks like it’s back to the drawing board. I have been working on a Xanga Skin the past few days, but it’s not working out too well. One thing I have noticed and don’t like about the skins is that the skin is only available for the viewing of blog entries, which I guess […]

What has gone on between July 1 and now? Ok, I am the only one who asked that question. Honestly, I don’t know where the time went. I posted at the beginning of July and then, before I knew it, it was 6 weeks later. Sorry guys. Well, in the beginning of July (2 days […]

No news is good news, right? Well, I haven’t much to report. I am still looking for a job in Utah and still plugging away at my job here. Frankly, after about 8 months, its getting old. SO – I do have my daughter for the next week or so. For those of you just […]

Well, It looks like I took the plunge. I got Xanga Premium. The main reason is because I want to post via email. it gets too cumbersome to log into xanga just to make a post. Well, not anymore. I just open up my Outlook or my Gmail and start writing. When I feel like […]