xanga archived posts

Well, It looks like I took the plunge. I got Xanga Premium. The main reason is because I want to post via email. it gets too cumbersome to log into xanga just to make a post. Well, not anymore. I just open up my Outlook or my Gmail and start writing. When I feel like its a good post, then I’ll click send and it will be on its way.
And, editing via email allows me to format it just the way I want it to be formatted. SO, that is why I did it. I also got rid of those banner ads on my site, so you’ll not be pestered any longer. I don’t like any of the skins on Xanga (except the L337 skin), so I’ll be programming my own skin and that should be up in the next few days. Also, I have created a sub domain to my web domain for my blog. you can either reach it by going to www.xanga.com/Buthon or by going to weblog.themaskedcrusader.com. More enhancements to come. But, like I said, the main reason I joined is so I could post using my email.