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Ok, I know how it looks, I said I was going to be like the king Doogie Houser and write every day, but GOSH, it’s gotten busy. I have been working 10 hour days, and between about 40 minute drives to and from work and job searching, I have no time at all to do anything.
My 3 year old is feeling it too. We were all (my parents, me and my daughter) sitting around the television watching the reports about Katrina when Emery, who was eating honey graham crackers, decided she needed to smash them into the carpeting with my father’s shoe. That’s not too bad, since we have 2 dogs and a vacuum to clean it all up.
She is a good girl. The other night, we had to get some new pull-ups, since she is learning how to use the potty, and afterwards, we decided to drive around and gape at the rising gas prices. We were driving around enjoying our time together, singing and dancing (in a car driving down the road… fun 🙂 when we decided it was time to go back home. I said, “We are going home, OK?” and she was silent. So I repeated the “OK” a dozen times until she replied. So, after she replied, we had an “OK” war, progressively getting louder, until she got fed up and grunted. Grrhh. Then she broke out laughing. We got home and wrestled for a little while, to wear her out (and me too) and then got ready for bed. We have been reading stories at night, and it’s fun to see her laugh at me as I sing-song her books while I read them. Precious moments!
I have to take her back to her mother tomorrow, so that will be sad. I hope I can find a job in Utah so I can be with my family again. I don’t know how the families of the soldiers can be apart for such a long time. I have just hit the 8 month mark apart from my family, and I see them every other weekend. I am very understanding and supportive of our troops striving to protect the country and freedom we enjoy. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you and God Bless!
Ok, its another day – and since I didn’t send this yesterday, I missed another day. I thought I would be able to do this every day, but I guess I can’t. Today is Friday (as it says at the top of this entry) and we left my mother’s at about 8:30 and drove all day. We stopped in Cheyenne to get refreshments and gasoline (at $3 a gallon – sheesh) and continued on our way. I bought Emery lunch at the McDonald’s – she got a 10 piece nugget that she ate gone, and then finished half of my 10 piece. She was a little piglet today. She had 15 nuggets, an entire bag of Oreos, half a box of chicken in a biscuit and 50 oz of Propel fitness water. Yeah, we stopped every hour to pee.
The trip took about an hour longer than it normally does, but that is the adventure of traveling with a 3 year old. The hardest thing to do when traveling with a 3 year old alone is using the bathroom yourself… not easy. But we made it. Emery watched 6 Disney movies along the trip, and that made it easy.
We got here and Em took off and played her heart out until she asked to go to bed at 9:00. We are safe and I think that will pretty much sum our trip.
Fedora front: We (meaning Emery and I) installed Fedora Core 4 again on my system, but found out that VMWare isn’t compatible with Linux Kernel 2.6.12. There are functions that are deprecated out, so VMWare doesn’t install properly. SO, last night, I reinstalled (for the 100th time) Core 3 because I know VMWare works with kernel 2.6.9. I signed up with Microsoft to be a beta tester for Microsoft Vista Beta 1, so I am waiting to hear if I am selected. We’ll see about that.
And, my website (www.themaskedcrusader.com) has a character now! I asked my friend (the K Dog) to draw me up a main character for the website so I can start flash cartoons and such, so Hopefully I’ll be able to do something with that character and get something up on the site. Right now, its not showing up because, you guessed it, still having troubles with Linux. (Core 3 is upgrading right now). I think I am done. Hopefully I don’t bore myself to tears later reading this. Night!