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OK, I have been out this past weekend, and nothing exciting or out of the ordinary happened either, so you didn’t miss much. Friday, Emery and I left at about 8am on our way to return the child to utah. She watched a plethora of movies whilst I drove the 10 hour drive. ugh. and since gas prices have jumped to $3 a gallon, it cost me nearly $100 in gas and foodstuffs to get there. sheesh, you’d think I was a millionnaire or something. Saturday was nice. I got to sleep in a little bit and then I played with Emery while everyone else went shopping. I took care of my little one too while my wife was at the store. More on this little tidbit later.

Sunday was church day and, honestly, I don’t know what we did after church except we had good foods of homemade fetuccini and alfredo sauce.

Monday, or Labor day because you work all day, we worked.. yay. Kristin and I cleaned out her window-well because there was a bug graveyard there. We had to remove about 50 pounds of sand… ya wanna know how we pulled that one off? a Shop=vac vacuum. That’s right, we hung out in the window well vacuuming all the sand out. that took a few hours. I also went shopping with my father in law for stuff to stain doors. Well, purchased a dimmer switch for some lights, but got the wrong color. I took Kristin and we returned the wrong part while the rest of the family took care of the girls. Ash was sleeping in a dead sleep when we left, but somehow she sensed that we were gone and threw a fit! Here’s the interesting part. When Ash was left home with me (or has been on several occations while mom goes to church or shopping and such) she doesn’t freak out like she does when we both leave. She seems to sense when she is alone (ie, her mother and I both have left). If she or I are there, regardless if we are together or not, she doesn’t freak out. Explain that one.

That’s it for today. I drove home alone and start work tomorrow. G’night.