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Today started out as any other day. We worked. I got to work late because I needed my sleep. A 9 hour drive really takes it out of you. I dunno why but it does. I got there about 8 or so. Well, I built a removal tool for Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6 at work because we received a notam (air force mandate) to upgrade all versions of Adobe Reader to 7.0.3. Thursday last week, I created my own network install package of Adobe reader 7.0.3 and pushed it to the building with a removal tool I also created. Well, my removal tool removed reader 6.0 alright, as well as common files needed by Acrobat Pro full version. So, I inadvertantly crippled about 25% of the building. Today I spent my time cleaning up the mess I made (which isn’t quite cleaned as of yet). so that was the day
Ashlynn hasn’t gained weight in a month, so the doctor is checking her out for sicknesses. She may have pneumonia and an enlarged liver, so we had some tests done. We should know the results tomorrow. About 2 weeks ago, the nutrition specialist for the Utah State Department of Health told us that the low iron mixture we had her on could make her anemic and be bad for her health. Her hemoglobin is just fine but we put her on the Carnation good start with comfort protiens. She didn’t like the flavor though because she went from 20 to 25 ounces of formula on similac to less than 20 on the good start. So we switched her back and she ate good… just like she should!
On a cool note, I got some good news. A couple months ago, I made a video presentation to the song “Prayer of the Children” by Kurt Bestor. The video was just for me and helped me learn some new video editing software. Well, my grandmother’s friend (who works with Nato and the UN) saw the presentation and loved it. She told me to get the copyright permissions to mass produce this presentation. So – I sent an email to Kurt Bestor (sometime in July) regarding this and I got a reply back from his music production company today stating that I had the permissions to use the song. They originally gave me a mechanical license, allowing me to include the song on a CD as a music track, however I needed a Sync license for use on the soundtrack of a video presentation. I told the lady from Mr. Bestor’s BMI this and she told me that would be no problem. The contract also includes no royalties for the use of the song, so I can produce it for my Non-Profit org without worry of royalties (for the music). Now comes the hard part of getting permissions to the pictures and paintings that are included therein. More as this develops later.
Linux – I am converting my drives from ReiserFS to ext3 because of the stability. I can already see that the ext3 partitions are more stable. Copying off the data is hanging the computer. That’s all.
Coming soon, my review on Dungeon Siege II – the new game from Gas Powered Games and Microsoft.