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New Day, No new dollars. Heh!
So, I got a copy of Dungeon Siege II today. I’ll hopefully be loading it on my computer tonight and carrying on through the weekend to play the game and then write my review. It should be fun. My computer is giving my fits. I am trying to switch my partitions over from ReiserFS partitions to EXT3, however the computer keeps hanging. I think its because the ReiserFS partitions are on one raid controller and the Ext3 partition I am copying to is on another raid controller, SO i am going to move some hard drives around inside my computer this evening. A lot of work to get a working computer to work better. Linux is wonderful, especially Fedora Core.
I use Fedora Core 3 because it comes with kernel 2.6.9. Fedora Core 4 is nice, but the kernel version doesn’t come with several procedures needed for VMWare. I have run all updates using Dag-Apt, so I have all the latest and greatest packages. I have KDE 3.4 which is the prize of my OS. I love KDE. I have heard that there are others like WindowMaker or something like Evolution – that seem pretty cool. Maybe I’ll install a couple of those so I can see what I like the best. I really dislike Gnome, but that’s because I was raised on KDE.
My next quest is finding a program to ghost or create a parition image of a Linux partition. I have Ghost 2003, and I use that for my windows partitions, but I don’t know what to use for my Linux partitions. If anyone knows anything, please let me know. I need to get my Linux box backed up to image file, but don’t know what to use.
a few hours later…
OK, so I am here loading up Dungeon Siege 2 on my VMWare Windows, and it CRAPS out. Golly Ned. I don’t know what to do. Disc 1 finished loading, then the ext3 journal reports that its full. so I rebooted and now fsck can’t run because the journal is full (the journal is the ext3 version of the Microsoft File Allocation Table). So, now I am trying to repair my system, and looks like I’ll have to install a dual boot system, one for Linux and One for Windows. Looks like, even though VMWare supports hardware acceleration and such, it still craps out when running file intensive programs. The next answer? I’ll try Wine and DirectX for Wine. Maybe that will be the answer. I’ll give VMWare the benefit of the doubt and try to load it there again, after fsck repairs my file system.
Perhaps I’ll have to purchase a license for Cedaga again, though I don’t know if that will work either. Your thoughts?
A few more hours later…..
OK, I ran fsck on ext3 and it didn’t do anything. I logged into KDE, and I got a system message stating that the journal “reports that it is full, and the file system has been marked as read-only” Have you ever heard such a thing? I sure haven’t It was an 80 Gig drive with only about 12 GB used. How could that fill up the journal? So, I loaded M$ Windows on the drive, and Installed Dungeon Siege 2 and began reviewing the game. To be continued….