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Alright, I admit – I am a junky. I haven’t been posting because I have been working on one computer while playing Dungeon Siege II on the other. I am about 1/3 the way through the story, though it hasn’t been the easiest game to play. I have been killed several times. Let me give you a rundown of what my weekend looked like:
Friday, Sep 9: I had such problems with Linux running Dungeon Siege 2 under vmware that I (regrettably) installed Windows XP on my computer for this game. I played the game… it’s good. Though, now I don’t have Linux on my server. I have determined that I need one more computer – a crappy 700MHz or so to be my Linux server because the idea of having to dual boot does not fly well with me. So, I’ll dual boot for now until I can get one more server for my Linux stuff. Honestly, the only reason to have Windows installed is to play games. Cedaga is a good system, but costs $60 a year to use (subscription based). I have heard good things about DirectX for Wine, but it seems that they are only implementing DirectX 9.0a, because Dungeon Siege 2 (requiring DirectX 9.0c) is not mentioned anywhere as functional under Linux. I’ll be working on this.
Saturday, Sep 10: I continued playing DS2 for a few hours, until about 2:00. Then I decided that I would do some cleaning up. I cleaned my room, did some laundry and then went back to the computer, but my monitor was dark. So I rebooted both my computer (which are on a KVM) and the monitor stayed dark. I plugged my monitor directly into my computers, the darkness remained. I deduced, after cursing at my computers and monitor, that my monitor indeed burned out. BUMMER. So I hit the road looking for a new, cheapo monitor to satisfy my needs. I went to Wal-mart and priced a nice 17 inch flat screen at $108. I knew that Wal-mart would be open later, so I went price hunting. I went to Sams Club who don’t sell monitors, just LCD Displays, and I wasn’t about to spend $300 for a display. I went to CompUSA, and the best deal they had was a 17 inch flat screen for $160 with a $50 mail in rebate. The sales guy asked me if I needed help, and I told him, “Not unless you can beat Wal-Mart’s price of $108 out of the box.” So, I went to another Wal-mart, because I was on a different side of town and the monitor there, same exact as the first Wal-mart, was $120. I asked someone and they said, “We don’t price match other Wal-mart stores.” So I tailed over to the first Wal-mart and saved myself at least $12.
Sunday, Sep 11: I woke up at about 11:00 and began to get ready for church. I didn’t have clean clothes because I didn’t get to finish laundry because of the monitor deal. So I went to Sacrament and came home. Finished my laundry and that was about it.
Monday, Sep 12: Went to work, Went home, Played DS2. My life is totally exciting. Perhaps later today, I’ll have more news for y’all.