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My goodness, has it been a while since I wrote in this thing. Well, other than the fact that it’s been over a week since I wrote, nothing really has happened. My parents have gotten into the television show Lost, so we have been watching season 1 since the beginning to catch ourselves up with the show. It is kinda a creepy show with an awesome story…. I am excited to see what the next season holds.
I have been fed up with my Linux because it kept locking up and freezing up when moving files from one drive to another. I finally had to throw the cursed (please pronounce this as curse – ed) Microsoft Windows on as my primary operating system. If you remember my post from a couple weeks back, last time I installed VMWare, I tried to install Dungeon Siege 2 on the virtual machine and my system marked the 80Gig drive as read only. Totally crapped my system. Well, I think I have a way to beat it. I created a new installer for Dungeon Siege 2 and will install my virtual machine into a small 20 Gig drive that I’ll mount separate from the main drive. I also found Gh*st for Linux ( http://freshmeat.net/projects/g4l/ – thank goodness for Freshmeat.net!), so, since one thing I do like about Windows (few and far between – i know) is the system restore part. If you jack your system into a corrupt state, you can restore the system back to a working state without losing data. I haven’t found a proper way to do this with Linux other than just imaging the hard drive at certain intervals. So, guess what I’ll be doing – Before major changes to the system, I’ll create an image of the master drive so if something craps out (like loading VMWare on Core 4 without the proper know how), I can restore my Linux to a previous working state. I figure it’s not too different from the M$’s system restore… takes about the same amount of time and requires a [couple of] reboot[s]. I’ll be looking into that this coming week. Look for a review! Next will be a how-to to install VMWare workstation 5 on Fedora Core 4 and how to install 3D games into the virtual machines. I am excited for that. Sooo…..
This past week, I removed the windows xp and reinstalled Fedora Core 3. I’ll be removing the FC3 version of dag-apt and upgrading my system to Fedora Core 4 tonight. I’ll also be creating an image of my FC4 at a working state so I can start dinking and configuring without fear of messing up my installation. Also, after I get FC4 up and running, I’ll be getting VMWare installed and will continue working on my quests for GameAmp. I got a personalized avatar at GameAmp. Sweet! So.. now that you have been geeked out.. on with the show ~
I am still looking for a job in Utah.. Well, I found a job as a Linux Administrator for a company called Western Wats (www.westernwats.com). It requires a Bachelors in Computer Science or 4 years experience using Linux. I have been using Linux since mid 1998 when I got my first copy of the cutting-edge Red Hat 4.0 🙂 (gosh, I feel like a junky). Well, I thought that was a meeting of the requirements, so I applied. The system I used (monster) sends an email as if it’s from me. The subject of this email read: DOES NOT MEET EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENT [no joke, all caps and bolded!]. Well, the Chief Information Officer/Chief Technological Officer [CIO/CTO] (let’s call him Hugh) saw in my resume that I have about 7 years of Linux experience, so he emailed back. I gave him a brief overview of my Linux experience and mentioned that I have never used Linux in a corporate environment, but can’t imagine it would be too different from hosting a corp. web site vs. a personal web server. So I told him I would only be available for an interview this Friday (Sept. 30) and he said that was great. I’ll be there at 0900 for an interview and I hope [and pray – very important] that I’ll get this position. I’d work directly for Hugh and the other executives to manage their network according to their wishes. That has to score more than the measly Senior Technician pay I am currently touché-ing. Donk, M’ap tann pou wé sa l’ap di apré rayounyon-la!
That’s about it, If you need more information, I’ll be glad to give it! I’ll share my findings, successes and failures through the week. Thanks for reading.