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Well, Last night I finally got around to installing FC4 on my computer. It was a little different. I have an AMD Athlon 2700+ with 512MB Ram and about 600GB of hard disk space. I booted the FC4 CD and almost immediately got a kernel panic. I don’t know why. I rebooted and got into Anaconda (the Fedora Core Installer) and began selecting the steps to upgrade my FC3 installation. The process began and said it would take approximately 300 minutes (that is 5 hours) to complete. Nope. I restarted the process, backed up my profile and started an FC4 install from scratch – took 65 minutes to complete. Granted, I need to install all my applications again, but I would rather do that than wait 5 hours for FC4 to install. SO — I am up and running.
Funny things happened, I got a kernel panic on boot of the FC4 DVD, but I left it alone for about 20 minutes and it continued by itself… like the kernel panic didn’t lock the system up, just delayed it. Second, When I booted FC4 the first time, I got the message Bug: Soft Lockup detected on CPU#0 just before Red Hat Nash started. Again, left it for a few minutes, and the system continued to the Firstboot program. I ran through Firstboot, and setup my initial user account, and rebooted, the bug was gone. Strange – it is like the twilight Zone taking place just inside of my computer…. wee.
I got an email this morning from one of my old friends, Darla. The Internet never ceases to amaze me. She found my email on the mission website and sent an email. I hope she and Brisner are doing good. We have a Mission Reunion in Orem this coming Friday. It’ll be fun to see them and everyone else. Where is everyone? I have a few mission friends that I have lost contact with. Hopefully I’ll meet them on Friday at the reunion. I am the webmaster for my mission’s website at www.mission.net, and we were the only ones to announce the reunion… I hope the word was spread and more than 12 people show up.
On the Ashlynn front, my daughter has an enlarged liver. No one really knows why, but her doctor had an ultrasound done to see if there is anything wrong. The tech performing the ultrasound said that an enlarged liver isn’t too much to worry about, but said it was our primary’s decision on what to do about it. My wife has an appointment with him today to see what is going on. I am not too worried about her liver because of what the tech said. However, the ultrasound also shows that one of her kidney’s might be a little smaller than the other, but I don’t know what that would mean.
I have a friend whose little girl, who is 8 I think, had an MRI over the weekend and the tech there said that she may have a brain defect that could cause physical problems including paralysis. This little girl, her name is Hannah, is absolutely adorable and sweet. It was sad to hear that something may be wrong with her. Her father is a doctor though and sought out a second opinion. They went to a pediatric neurologist and he said that the first tech read the MRI incorrectly and that nothing is wrong with Hannah. What a relief for our friends. The same thing may be happening with Ashlynn, her ultrasounds may have been misread.
Emery is still the wonderful 3 year old she has always been – wild and unruly.. I love that girl, but she is healthy and normal, so I guess there is nothing to report there. Kind of a boring report on her behalf. I guess that about does it for this entry. I’m sure there will be more later.