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Update! yay! I know it’s been a while, but a lot has happened since the last one and I have been busy. Whew. So here we go!
Friday morning at 0900, I had an interview with the CIO of Western Wats. I showed up and wasn’t able to answer all of his questions, but was able to answer a few. I told him I was a hard worker and that I needed a job. I told him about my mission and about the experience I had working on Windows and Linux. He seemed to like some of my answers because he smiled as I answered some of them. He asked me a little about routers, switches, VLANs, Windows, Linux, Kerberos and such. He asked about business plans and the ended with a few math questions – Yeah, I thought that was weird too. Afterwards, He took me on a tour of the place, including the server room, which I thought was strange for a first interview. He told me that he would have to bring me in for a second interview (with the other execs) to find out if I would be a good addition to their team. He said that would have to take place someday at around 1100 because that’s when everyone got in. He knows that I still work in Colorado, so he asked me which days I would be available. I told him that I was available every other Friday and Monday, and that I wouldn’t be available until the 14th of October. He then muttered somewhat under his breath that “we will have to work quick.” I am hoping that that means Monday, before I go home, I’ll have another interview. Cool – I’ll keep you posted.
As I mentioned before, There was a Mission Reunion on Friday Evening, one of the many reasons I came to Utah this weekend. So, We went there so I could see only one guy – my buddy Brisner. We were companions in Florida on our mission. His wife Darla was there, but Brisner was sick and didn’t show up. I used a cell phone and tried to call him to come over to see everyone, because I guess he was the only reason a Bunch of people came by. Pres and Sister Warren were informed that he was sick and their first comment was, “Then why are we all here?” Well I introduced my wife to Darla and her kids and we chatted with them for a while. We also saw Pettersson and Foate there with their families. Foate’s wife is pregnant and Pettersson’s newly married, so they don’t have any children. my buddies Christie and her husband couldn’t make it, but it was cool to see the others. Child and his wife were there with their 6 month old who was just as big (maybe bigger than) Ashlynn, and Rappley was also there with his fiancee and that was cool to see. I told Darla that I really wanted to see Brisner, so we followed her home after the Runion and we sat and chatted until after midnight. Darla’s little 2 year old and Emery, my 3 year old, played very well all night, insomuch that Emery didn’t want to go home when we left. While chatting, I found out that one of the girls I baptised was living there in Orem, so Brisner invited us back tonight for dinner… we’ll talk a little about that later.
Saturday was Conference, so naturally I decided to work outside. I took my car to a tire place and bought new tires and got a balance. All I need now is a tune up and an oil change (which I’ll prolly do myself because it’s easier that way) to get ready for winter driving. I had to help my sister-in-law’s boyfriend with a flat, and then went to Priesthood session. Good.
Tonight, we went to Brisner’s house for dinner and my baptism from Miami was there, Rachelle. She was stunned to see me as was I to see her. We hung out with Darla and Brisner till about 10:00 and then left for home. Good haitian food! Brisner made Poul-bwi ak banan-pezi e duri ak pwa. (boiled chicken with fried plaintaines and rice). Kristin didn’t think it was too flavorful, but it was good. Well, it’s late and I am tired. I’ll write again after I get back to Colorado.