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Holy Freaking Hecko – It has been a freaking long time since I wrote. Not a lot has happened in the last couple weeks, but I’ll do my best to get you all caught up.
First of all, that job at Western Wats fell through. I answered all the questions very well, but I guess they weren’t looking for someone like me. The bum didn’t even have the decency to call me back. I had to call him and say, “Whats Up?” for him to say, “You aren’t invited back for a follow up interview.” So, I told him to screw himself, and went looking for a bunch of other jobs. Other jobs have not panned out so well. Let me tell you. I got an email and phone call from a guy with SOS Technical looking for a Classic ASP programmer. I have done a little work with ASP, so he decided I may fit the bill. So he setup an appointment with the hiring guy for Friday. So, I had to leave my ‘rents house at 4:00 am to get to Provo in time for the appointment. OH, did I mention that the hiring guy had an emergency in Cali and had to cancel my appointment??!? Sheesh. So they rescheduled for Monday at 1000, which was again buffed. Dude didn’t get back in time and I had to get rolling to get home.
Well, Friday at about 4:30pm, I get an email from a company in Sandy looking for a Senior Technician. Whaddaya know, I am a senior technician! It would be a lateral move, but nonetheless, it would get me to Utah. So I setup an appointment with her on Oct 31. We’ll see
Then, as I was rolling down the highway, I got a phone call from a lady from ACS Staffing. She has a client in Park City (woo) that is looking for an IT Lead. I have the lead experience they may be looking for. So, I have a Phone interview this afternoon for them to see if I am someone they would be interested in. The requirements are someone who has database experience, Windows and Linux experience and has a good attitude. THAT’S ME!! She also said my salary requirement is a little low, so I would have to be paid more than I currently am… dang.
So, that is the list of Jobs since I told Dude Man from Western Wats to take a hike. I was peeved – to say the least. So I am here working and writing hoping one of these jobs pans out.
I went to utah this weeked (obviously – I know), and spent time with my family. We were shopping at Target for stuff and ended up buying matching Denver Bronco cheer outfits for my two little girls.. they looked so cute in these outfits. So, we are gonna get pictures of those and send them to the masses.. maybe post them here 🙂 Ashlynn is doing good, she is still having problems breathing due to a virus she has, but she is strong and hopefully she’ll be over this sickness soon. Emery is a hellion! she is testing the limits about everything. But, she is three, so it’s to be expected – not allowed, but expected!
I am still in Colorado (again, duh), and am still looking to move to Utah. I have setup my server at home and am currently setting up a website and email server on the box. We’ll see if that works out. Hopefully, I’ll be moving my blog to my own web server to allow me to have more than 20 megs of pictures and such. I probably won’t move the blog within the next year because I did purchase the Premium from Xanga, so I’ll be here for a while. I am going to start working on Programming with PHP and Perl… and we’ll see how well I can pick up on the ideas. Please let me know if you know any good PHP or Perl information sources. Also, I need to have an Idea of what to put on my web server. Thanks.
I think that about does it for today. I’ll write more later. Thanks for listening.

PS – Ok, I just got a call back from a company that I applied with about a month ago. It is a technical consulting job requiring 50 to 75% travel, but at $90k a year, I think I can handle it. I answered his questions and he seemed to like what I said because he said he would be contacting me for a followup interview. woo. More as this story develops 🙂