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News for the New Year: Sheesh, I have gotten so busy that I haven’t been back to make an update. So, let me work on that right now. My last post was on the 11th, so I guess that’s where I’ll start.
First of all, I need to be making an update either daily or a couple times a week, these posts are getting too long for me because I have 2 weeks worth of crap to sum up. So, next year, my resolution may be to update this dang thing on a more regular basis. Last year’s resolution was to keep a journal, but this year I think it will be to keep a more regular journal. Those of you reading this on Xanga will note that xanga posts didn’t start until the end of March. I did have a blogger website that had my posts from before then, but Xanga does such a good job that I decided to not worry about it. On with our show.
Well, I got the job at Infopia, but really hadn’t any idea of what I would be doing. I wasn’t going to be doing classic IT work anymore, but that was about all I knew. I actually heard I had the job on Tuesday, December 6, and flew home to Colorado just after accepting the job with Infopia and told my boss the following day that I would be leaving. I turned in my letter of resignation for December 16th and worked my final week and a half in pure bliss. I didn’t have anyone to train, so leaving wasn’t too bad – except they still needed to find someone to take over what I do. We went through whether we were going to hire someone new, transfer someone who already knew the job (Ironically, the one who I replaced) or if they were going to divvy out my responsabilities to other members of the team. I really didn’t care what they were going to do because I already knew I was leaving. They ended up divvying out my duties to two or three of the other guys. On a side note: the company I was working for was outbid and the people who I was working for now work for a new company… as of Jan 1. Boy, did I get out of there in the nick of time. So, Friday the 16th, I got out of work, packed up all my worldly possessions, and moved to Utah. I drove out Saturday, and left in quite a snow storm(just for posterity, I wrote snot storm… ewww. thought it was funny) and drove down the road to move my life to Utah. I must say that after 25 years in Colorado (I spent 2 years in Florida as a missionary), it was rather hard to know what I was leaving my home… but on to bigger and better thoughts. I drove a 25 foot long truck pulling a 20 foot trailer for 600+ miles. I have to note that it was really nice that I didn’t have to change lanes as I drove through Denver at 11:00 am. Granted it was a Saturday, but still… I didn’t want to have to try to change lanes with this huge truck.
I drove down the road with about 25000 pounds of possessions and trucks and oddly enough, the truck I rented got approximately 9 miles to the gallon. I would have thought it less, but I wasn’t complaining. The drive was very boring and slow. I got quite comfortable driving such a big truck that after a while, I forgot that I wasn’t in a car. Funny. The drive took a whole 11 hours and once I got home, We just rested.
The next day, I announced that I had a truck to unload at church, and got some help. We unloaded the truck in about 15 minutes. We loaded out of the truck into a garage, but still.. 15 minutes is quite impressive. Anywho… it was on to Infopia…..
Infopia: Great place. I started work there on December 19th. I really didn’t know what they did at first, but it was nice to be away from the burocracy of the federal government. I was put to work right away on learning the software. Lady luck shined her light upon me, for that thursday (4 days after starting) I was invited to the Christmas party where they gave every current full time employee a 60G IPod Video. Score! I got one too! Merry Christmas to me… Then there was the 4 day Christmas holiday and New Years Holiday… things were going my way! More to come as the new year kicks off. I have only been working there 2 weeks, but the weeks have been fun. I am currently writing the help/knowledge base documents, but they tell me that next month, I’ll be working on the support system.