…Another day, another dollar, another breath… After reviewing my entry from last Saturday, I guess I don’t have anything to wrap up from that period. so, lets start afresh. The President’s Day weekend was fun, except for the fact that I was working. (grr). We had an upgrade to the system at work and, whadda […]

What’s new? What’s New? Lets see where to start… I guess I better check what the last thing I reported was… Well, checking my clustrmap , I see I have a few good number of visitors. I like that I have one visitor from Brazil and one from Great Britain. Perhaps if I update this […]

No time like the present to continue working on my website. www.themaskedcrusader.com has no real data on it yet, but I think I have figured out my wireless network problem. We’ll see if I have or not. I guess you need more explanation for what has been going wrong. I just moved into a very […]

It’s about time! Ok, So my new job at infopia is a little crazy, and I am busy beyond belief. Whoa, I didn’t expect that. It is Saturday and I am, actually, at work. We have a convention this weekend for our customers to come and learn where our software is going in 2006, and […]