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No time like the present to continue working on my website. www.themaskedcrusader.com has no real data on it yet, but I think I have figured out my wireless network problem. We’ll see if I have or not. I guess you need more explanation for what has been going wrong.

I just moved into a very spacious apartment a couple weeks ago. We hooked up our server and our workstation to our wireless network, and everything was working fine.. for a day. My server has a Belkin 802.11g card that would only work for about a day and then it seemed to “auto-disable”. If you have experience working with Cisco switches, they have an Auto Disable feature that if a network node generates too many FCS errors, it disables the port until you manually re-enable it. Well, my Router is a Blitzz router, not Cisco, and my network card is Belkin.. so it looks like the same error, but it wasn’t.

So, I downloaded the drivers from Belkin and loaded brand new drivers, and we’ll see if that works. I am going to get a Linksys Router tonight because we are getting VoIP, so maybe my Blitzz router is not working out. We’ll see. SO, that’s about the technical piece that I have…. wait I HAVE MORE!

I don’t know if you saw on Slashdot (/.) earlier this week that VMWare made their GSX Server a free download! Wahoo! Let me tell you how different this server is. For those of you who have used VMWare workstation, this solution is no joke. The server connects to a client, so you can have Virtual Machines running on any workstation or server on your network (required to have the GSX Server installed on that server and a virtual machine started). But after you get the virtual machine up and running, you can close the front end interface and the client VM continues to run. I don’t get it, but it is sweet. With the VMWare workstation, you had to leave the front end running or your virtual machine would go away. The Server creates a separate process for the VM to run in that remains in memory until you manually stop it from within the GSX Server application.

I have created a base install of Windows XP and will be testing the ESX Server later tonight. I heard that the ESX Server allows you to boot into a VMWare OS, and run VMs better due to a stronger virtualization system. More to come.

to be continued….