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What’s new? What’s New? Lets see where to start… I guess I better check what the last thing I reported was…

Well, checking my clustrmap , I see I have a few good number of visitors. I like that I have one visitor from Brazil and one from Great Britain. Perhaps if I update this more often with more information, more people will come. “If you build it, they will come.” Speaking of which…

My website, www.themaskedcrusader.com, is still under construction, but all is going well. I am currently running Gunther CMS, but I’ll be working on it to make it my own, or I’ll start from scratch. Changes I make will be available in my sandbox at www.themaskedcrusader.com/sandbox. So, if everything goes well, I’ll ditch Gunther and make my own, since the features I have planned will far surpass what Gunther is capable of.

Ok. Moving on. Ashlynn was recently in the news paper in connection to a story about the doctor that saved her life, Dr. August Jung of the University of Utah Hospital (pronounced Young). Dr. Jung’s article’s is here and Ashlynn’s article is here. That was pretty cool, however I found out that Lifenews.com republished the article as if they were the ones to write the article. I emailed them to let them know that their work was stolen, and they removed it. They claimed that they made the appropriate citations to use the article, but when I was in my advanced composition class, blatantly copying an article and changing a few words and siting “according to the tribune” was still considered plagiarism because I didn’t do any of the work… They have since removed the article, but still… because of that article, I was contacted by Focus on the Family for them to do a report on my daughter the day after it was in the news paper! I fielded a few questions, and it looks like they were going to attack the doctors back home because they only offered abortion rather than finding an answer. I didn’t want to be part of that. I told them that they could site the article and point people to read it, but we were done with interviews for the week. Thank you for playing…

In other news, Emery has quite a few Emeryisms to report. Here we go.

  • We just moved into a new apartment and Emery got her own room. We decorated it and got it looking really cute, but when we hung the curtains (beautiful purple ones), she said, “Hey, take those down, I can’t see outside!”
  • Emery and I went shopping at a Walmart-style department store because Ashlynn was sick and Mommy sent us to get breakfast and some odds and ends. Emery saw some area rugs hanging on a display rack and said, “Boy, those are some big towels!”
  • More To Come…
Work world: Very busy and not much to report. I am setting up my storefront next week, so you’ll be able to purchase from TNT Electronix online at http://shop.infopia.com/tnt. have fun looking at that one.

Home life is pretty slow. Some jerk hijacked my Verizon account and charged up $600 in overage fees. It sounds like he tapped my account somehow though, because when I called Verizon and reported the issue, minutes stopped being charged to my account. Strange. I’ll call Verizon on Tuesday when my bill posts and file a fraud report. Hope that doesn’t burn me out.

Programming Projects:
My content management system is currently being built, but we don’t have much to report on that. As mentioned above, I have installed a CMS called Gunther that uses flat files and some wiki-style text shortcuts. I like the Wiki feel, but not too much the flat files aspect. So, I am going to take that style and re-dev it into a MySQL background with the Wiki feel. I’ll rebuild the template and the style to work more intuitively. So, you’ll be able to see the changes to take place on my site. I think I am going to throw away the entire Gunther code and start from scratch, so hopefully soon it will be available at sourceforge.net. I gotta learn how to use sourceforge.net.

Along the lines of Development, I am getting quite a few ideas from Neo ( http://www.xanga.com/neophyte13) so a lot of the updates may be stuff you have seen on his website. He is also building a CMS.. so we are bouncing ideas off each other. woot.