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…Another day, another dollar, another breath…

After reviewing my entry from last Saturday, I guess I don’t have anything to wrap up from that period. so, lets start afresh.

The President’s Day weekend was fun, except for the fact that I was working. (grr). We had an upgrade to the system at work and, whadda ya know, I am on call. I had a couple calls regarding the upgrade, but the biggest was some guy that didn’t even have an emergency called and I had to help him, so I took off a couple hours yesterday to go to the hospital.

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but my wife and I are members of a cool volunteer group at the NICU at the University of Utah Hospital called Parent to Parent. It is a support group of people who have had children in the NICU for those who currently have children in the NICU. It was fun to go. Last night was called Parent Night, where we had a couple who just recently had twins. We sat around eating pizza and talking about our NICU Babies. It was a lot of fun. I am excited to be doing something good! As a volunteer with Parent to Parent, I can be a support or help people who currently have babies in the NICU and I can go into the NICU and sit bedside with those parents and help where they let me. It’s very cool… I wish I would have used the support when our little girl was in the NICU… very cool!

I’ll continue this later.