A New Day

I thought I would start blogging again now that I have my site up a little better and my guilt for not posting is getting to me.  And I wanted to share with the world what I've been doing for ages.  So, on with the show.

Lets start with a review of a restaurant that my wife and I visited for Valentines.  I know that was a couple weeks ago, but I need to share this with you.  Let me back up a few minutes… for Christmas, my boss gave everyone in the company a gift certificate to The Metropolitan, which is like the most ritzy and hoity toity place in Salt Lake City.  You'll understand what I mean in a minute.  SO….

For Valentines, we decided that we needed to go to this restaurant and see what all the fuss was about.  We got there and it was just a simple place.  They had valet parking and we forgot cash, so all dressed up we drove to the Burger King and withdrew some cash to pay the valet guy.  We got to the Metro and had the guy park our car.  We got in and the server asked us for our drinks, and being the non-drinkers that we are, we ordered Diet Cokes.  He asked us if we wanted water and we said yes.  Then he asked "Would you like tap or we have an assortment of bottled waters."  Gosh, we all wanted was just a water, I don't care if it's tap or not.  Then we ordered our meals.

If you have seen any of these type of restaurants' menus, you know what you're looking at: Seemingly tiny portions for like $40 each.  Well, I learned that it's just that.  For an appetizer, my wife ordered a Grilled Fingerling Potato Salad.  It was good, but very heavy on the vinegar.  I ordered a taste of Grilled Pistachio Soup.  Don't be fooled by the name, it was fabulous.  Right before they brought out our appetizers, thought, they brought a little taste of Gelled Tomato with Green Tea Leaf.  It was like Tomato flavored jello… quite disgusting actually.

For our main courses, my wife ordered a dish called Pork 2 Ways, it was a combination of a pulled port loin served over a bed of applesauce and a grilled pork belly served with some exotic beans.  She says it was good, and for the seemingly small portions that I mentioned earlier, well, it may look like a tiny portion when they decorate it and set it up on the plate, but we learned first hand that they use bigger plates to make it look small… it was a ton of food.  I ordered their Surf and Turf, which consisted of a 14 oz New York Strip and 4 giant prawns.  it was really good.  As sides, we ordered masked potatos and beets with goat cheese.. it was pretty good food.

For dessert, my wife ordered a chocolate lava cake with a pistachio icecream, and I ordered the Creme Brulee, which came in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Passion Fruit.  It was really good, but the final bill, after all of that was $138.  It was a neat experience, but definitely not worth the cost.  The next night, we went out with our little girls to IHOP, and for less than $40, we all ate and had much better company and the ambience in IHOP was better than the Metropolitan.  We probably won't be going back there.

After our meal, we caught a showing of the movie Music and Lyrics.  It was fun.  I am not a Hugh Grant or Drew Berrymore fan, but the movie was good.  It was cute, whimsical and the story was nice. It's probably going to be one that we will buy.

Well, let me fast forward to today's excitements, but I have to start with Monday's antics, since it's now after midnight.  I stayed home from work on Monday because my daughters and my wife all had fevers ranging from 100 degrees to 102 degrees.  We were able to keep the fevers at bay most of the day, but near the end of the day, I came down with the same fever, so I stayed home from work today (Tuesday).  Usually, our oldest, Emery, wakes us up before 8 to watch television, but I woke up today at 10 and she wasn't up yet, so I ran into her room and she was burning up, so I took her temperature… she had a 104.7 degree fever.  So after a mild panic attack, I woke up the family and rushed her to the hospital.  They were able to bring her fever down to under 100 degrees and did a chest x-ray.  It turns out that she might have the beginnings of pneumonia. The doctor gave us a prescription for amoxicillin and we brought her home.  She spent the rest of the day watching television, and I slept.  My fever beat the snot out of me today.  I'm even staying home tomorrow because I still have a temperature and need to work to get this fever out of my system.  

Ok, I have one last thing to share before I sign out for today.  Before that Valentines Day date mentioned above, I shaved my upper lip, but left the chinny part of the goatee.  It looked interesting and I kept saying to myself "what are you doing?" over and over again.  Well, I have kept it up for the last couple weeks because it makes me look younger, and my wife likes it, so it stays for now.  But every now and again, Emery says something very cute, we call them Emeryisms.  Well, Emery never liked me shaved, and the first time she saw me, she said: "Daddy, I love you… and I love your mustache," her way of telling me to grow it back…. well, today, she was holding me as I napped, and she patted my cheek and said "Daddy, you really need to stop shaving, it makes me furious when you shave your mustache off."  I have been taking polls and the "Grow it back" clan outranks the "Keep it shaved" clan, but my wife is ranked in the "Keep it Shaved" clan, so that one wins out by default.

This blogging today has been fun, so I'll have to keep it up.  Thanks for your visit.