Boy, do I have a lot to share today.  First, let me tell you about an experiment my wife and I conducted on our children. Over the last couple weeks, we have noticed a trend in our oldest daughter that we didn't like too much.  She was getting extremely snotty and mean and her manners […]

Tales of the slow poke: Ok, I have to add my rants for today.  I was driving to work down the interstate at a conservative 67 miles per hour (speeding 2 miles over the speed limit) and I was passed at amazing speeds by everyone.  At one point, a semi trucker was no more than […]

Hello all, Kristin and I are participating in WalkAmerica this year because we believe in the March of Dimes mission to save babies. We truly believe that with all of our help we can find a cure for prematurity. The reason that we believe in this so much is because we have seen first hand […]

Hello again, I guess I need to start keeping this tradition up.  I heard that it takes 3 weeks to make a habit, so I'll put that to the test.  I'll blog something each day. Today was a little less exciting than yesterday.  My daughter is good, her fever is all but gone (as long […]