Tales of the slow poke: Ok, I have to add my rants for today.  I was driving to work down the interstate at a conservative 67 miles per hour (speeding 2 miles over the speed limit) and I was passed at amazing speeds by everyone.  At one point, a semi trucker was no more than 2 inches from by back bumper.  I felt like I was driving under 30.  My first thought was "Where are all the law enforcement?" and I saw them…. the 2 state troopers had already pulled over people.  So that's nice, but how come people don't follow the speed limits any more?  I mean, when it says speed limit 65, it means that that is the FASTEST you should go, not the slowest – and the speed limit is NOT a suggestion, it is the law.

I got a bonus: I went out last night to buy a new couple cases of Diet A&W Root Beer (because I love root beer and diet makes it healthier) and I opened one of those cases today and took 2 cans with me to work.  After getting to work, I inspected the cans, because I had to write my names on them so no one else takes them.  Upon inspection, I noticed that I had one can of A&W and one can of Sunkist.  It appears that the quality assurance people at the bottler didn't pay attention to the Sunkist and A&W lines and allowed them to be packaged together.  I'll look in the box when I get home for more treasures like this… oh, and the Diet Sunkist isn't that bad.

This Evening: After work, my wife and I had her sisters over and we decided to have an evening playing games and such.  we ordered a few pizzas and played a few rounds of Hide and Seek with my little girls and then we played a couple rounds of Trivial Pursuit Disney addition. it was fun.  It's getting late, so I think that's all I'll write today.  Cheers.