An Experiment… and More

Boy, do I have a lot to share today.  First, let me tell you about an experiment my wife and I conducted on our children.

Over the last couple weeks, we have noticed a trend in our oldest daughter that we didn't like too much.  She was getting extremely snotty and mean and her manners flew out the window.  We had talked about this change in her behavior and decided that it was the television that was converting her to this horrible little girl we weren't raising.  We talked about it a couple times and finally, we talked to Emery and told her that we would turn off the television for a week.

Well, last week was my spring break from school, so we decided to use this week as out "No TV" week.  So Sunday night, we turned off the television and didn't turn it back on for a week.  During this week, we saw her manners improve and she finally started to play by herself rather than moping around the house with nothing to do.  We couldn't believe it.  Well, we have a DVR and we recorded a weeks worth of television that we are never going to catch up with, but that's OK.

The awesome part of this story comes as this past week was when we told her she could watch a little TV.  Monday, Kristin asked Em if she wanted to watch some television and she got really excited.  The stipulation was that Emery needed to clean her room first.  Well, she went to clean her room and didn't ever come back out.  When Kristin went to go find her, she was "reading" and didn't want to watch television….. Parents 1, Children 0!  it worked!

Now the sad part of this story, when we finally turned on the television, it had some wiggly lines going across the picture.  I employed my fathers old fix for this sort of problem and whacked the television on it's head.  It didn't like this.  It popped and the picture disappeared into a little pinprick of light and then it started to scream.  It squealed this horribly high pitched squeal.  It's a good thing we don't have animals because they would have gone postal listening to that squeal.  Our television had died.

We went shopping online to see what a replacement would cost.  TVs aren't cheap any more.  So I found a TV repair guy and took it to him.  We'll see what he has to say about it.  I actually called him on yesterday to ask how it was going and he told me that our TV has him totally baffled and he'll call us when he thinks of something.  This could be interesting.

So, my advise to you: Don't turn off your television for a week… it will get depressed and commit suicide!

Then there's the Vacuum.  We bought a vacuum back in December or January, I don't remember which, but as my wife was using it the other day, it died… kaput.  So, we took it back to the store, a Wal-mart, to get some support, either a replacement or an exchange.  The only problem we had was we had misplaced our receipt.  They were extremely helpful and eventually giving us our money back, after searching for their copy of our receipt… so we went and grabbed a new vacuum and we kept the receipt this time.

Bad things come in threes, and I just shared the number 2 and 3 things, let me tell you a little about number 1.  About 6 weeks ago, I got a case of tonsillitis that just wouldn't quit.  It ached and caused quite a bit of discomfort and pain.  I decided to live with it because I didn't want to pay a doctor to tell me to live with it.

Well, the tonsillitis went away and the infection moved into my ears.  I went a little deaf.  During this period of hard-hearing, I went looking for home remedies for ear infections.  I talked to my friend who is finishing up his degree as a chiropractor and he recommended Tea Tree oil… he lives by it.  So I went and got some and it took the pain away, but didn't clear up the infection.  I read online that warm olive oil helps get the liquids flowing in the ear, and my father-in-law confirmed that it works. So, I microwaved some olive oil and filled my ear with it… and it worked!  My ear was clear my head felt great… then I got what my wife thinks was pneumonia. 

A back breaking cough plagued me for about a week or so… and then my tonsillitis came back.  Again, being the stubborn man that I am, I waited for it to go away again.. and it eventually did move… back into my ears.  augh!

So, I finally relented and went to the doctor and got a script for Augmentin to solve the problem… I should be free of this bane in a couple days.

Last week, My wife told me that I should go out with my friend and have a guys day out… so I went to the movies with my buddy Kevin.  We went to see TMNT, and I'll have an review on that movie on my website in a few minutes.  It was awesome though.  We turned back into little kids.  I always like hanging out with Kevin and we are going to have to make it a regular event… this hanging out business.

Whew..  So, that's what has been going on lately… hopefully the next few posts will be better.

Moving on..  I worked a little on my website adding some styling and fixing the menu.  The template I used was programmed by some guy who thought he was cool, but he messed up the formatting so I had to spend about 3 hours looking through the code until I found out where his formatting was messed up.  I eventually used the Web Developer add in for FireFox to find the error… that was a waste of my time.  oh well.. I think I've written enough for this post… I'll add more later.