Guess I should do that thing I do

Ok, so it's been almost 5 months since I blogged, but I had good reason.  Anyone who is close to me knows what kind of summer I had.  It was pretty bad and it's taken me a while to get back into the swing of things.   You'll have forgive me if I don't go into detail.

First, I want to share some Emeryisms.  People who have visited my blog in the past will know about my little spitfire, Emery.  She is a cutie, and says some of the darndest things.  I like to share them as Emeryisms, but I know I have missed a lot, for which I am sorry.  So Here are today's Emeryisms.

  • Last week, Kristin and I were feeling extremely bushed, so I bought us some energy drinks at the store.  We didn't open them, but saved them for later.  We then went to a restaurant and had lunch.  Kristin and I were chatting about things (we had just moved her sister to a new house), and mentioned how tired we were.  I said to Kristin "I have a Rock Star out in the car" (Rock Star is a brand of energy drink).  Emery piped up immediately and said, " COOL, Which one!?!?

  • Our church has what they call a Trunk or Treat every Halloween season.  All the members back up to the sidewalk and decorate their trunks and the kids go from trunk to trunk getting candy.  It's totally fun and safe for the kids.  Well, this year, I took Emery and Ash while Kristin sat in our car passing out candy.  Ashlynn's candy sack is awful small, so when it was full, Emery started telling the People, " My Sister's sack is full, so you can give her candy to me!"  What a doll.

So, now that Emeryisms are out of the way, I am just going to share a little about my weekend.  The big part is my techy side.  Sorry, but I have to share this.  So, for the last few weeks, our computer has been acting really dumb, particularly when playing videos and such.  It would freeze and choke and lock up and all that jazz… ugh.  Wasn't fun, so I decided I was going to reload this thing.  Instead of wiping and reloading my computer from scratch, I got a copy of vista (stop your groaning) and thought "Hey, my computer is almost 6 years old, this should be cool."  I wasn't expecting anything exciting knowing that the processor (AMD Athlon XP 2700+) was manufactured in 2001.  So I installed the OS.  I am not a fan of Vista, but they'll eventually make it manditory to upgrade and so I got myself a copy and installed.

Well, Microsoft has introduced a Vista Compatibility score, which is rated on several things such as processor speed and available ram/video ram/ Hard drive space.  For instance, My laptop I bought this year (AMD Turion 64 2.0GHz) only rates a 2.2 on the Vista Compatibility Score.  I installed Vista Release Candidate 1 on the computer and originally got a sad sorry score of 1.0 on my box.  Well, between RC1 and Vista's official release, something changed, because my computer with only a little bump in Video and Physical Ram now rates Higher than my brand new laptop at a stunning 3.6.  (Screenshots to come).  It'll be very interesting to get some programs loaded and see the load and how well it actually performs.

That's my techy stuff for today.  I'll try to be better about writing.