Happy New Year, 2008!

So, This is it… it’s a new year and new experiences await us. While sitting up, playing monopoly and phase 10 last night, we decided that 2007 passed way too quickly. Though it has been a year since our last New Years Eve party, it’s only felt like a couple weeks… it was amazing to think back to this year and try to remember all that happened. We could remember what happened, but really couldn’t remember when most of it happened. I realized that it was actually a crumby year too. Not too much exciting happened… and one of the worst things that could happen did in my life. So here is hoping that the next year is much better than the last.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLYNN! My daughter was born 3 years ago. Yup, she is a New Years baby. We had a quick celebration for her today. If you haven’t been keeping up on my blog, Ashlynn was born 15 weeks premature, so she is a little behind. That’s all good though, because as she grows up, she gets more excited to be a little girl. I don’t know if you have ever looked into the eyes of a child and seen their spirit, but I have. Ashlynn, though developmentally behind, is as quick as a whip in her mind. I have to brag a little, she is such a special girl. We play with her and such, but because she is so small (20 pounds, 18 month clothes), sometimes we forget that she is 3 years old and she knows it. Case in point, My sister-in-law tends three children. two twins who are just a year (and as big as my Ashlynn), and one three year old. When we get together with Chelsie and the kids she tends, though Ash is as big as the 1 year old twins, she wants to play with the 3 year old girl. See? Ash knows and wants to be with children her age!

Ashlynn starts school (albeit preschool) in the morning, so I am laying in bed being a happy father of such a good kiddo. She has graduated from her physical therapy and is getting ready for the big world.

My oldest, Emery, goes back to kindergarten tomorrow. She is such a spitfire. She loves school and I hope for her that she keeps that love for school in her heart for the rest of her schooling career.

So, this is my humble post. Happy New Year and I hope to keep this blog up a little better through out this year. I also hope to keep up the website a little better through out the next year. Some projects will be covered in posts and such. Now, I don’t like to make New Year’s Resolutions because I can’t keep them for one, but also because I don’t see why you have to use the new year as an excuse to change… but I am an exception to my own prejudice this year. My resolutions are thus: Write in the blog more often. I took a 6 month hiatus last year and in return lost a lot of good blogging time… lets not do that. Though I have mentioned in the past that I would like to blog daily, I have learned that that isn’t a feasible idea for me… I just can’t think of something to write for every day.. I’ll try to do at least one post per week… more if I can squeeze that much goo out of my brain. I don’t know if I have any other resolutions. If I can think of them, I’ll let you know.

Thanks for visiting and I hope we can chat a little bit more as the year goes on.