I don’t know where to put this on the site yet, so I am positing it here until then.

I am a new reader to a web comic entitled Three Panel Soul. If you’re not a reader, it’s pretty cool. Anywho, starting on February 02, they ran a story that ended in a recipe for the best grilled corn on the cob ever.  As I will likely forget this before I can grill corn, I am writing this little blog so I can find it again.  The recipe is also included here: 

Soak the corn, husks still on, in a pot of water. If you can’t submerge them completely, make sure the tassle side is down. Let them soak for 15 to 20 minutes.

While you’re waiting, get the grill hot. You’ll have to start sooner than this if you’re using a charcoal grill, but if you’re using a gas grill, just crank it to medium-high.

Once the corn is soaked, throw it on the grill, turning occasionally.

Keep them on, turning occasionally, for about half an hour. The husks will burn, but don’t worry. The water will steam the corn inside the husk perfectly.

For best results, buy your corn from a man selling it along the side of the road from back of a pickup truck.

This recipe was posted on the threepanelsoul website on 02/09/2009