So, I was computer-less on the commute this morning.  We just had a new family move into the ward and I went to help this weekend.  We moved them in in less than an hour.  This got me thinking about my move into Tooele, the ward did the same thing for me.  It was awesome…. so, as I was riding the bus this morning, unable to play on my laptop, I sat staring out the window and thought about the times that I have moved… Which I now share with you.
My wife and I got married on June 1, 2001.  Previously, I had put a deposit down on a really cute apartment in Colorado Springs, but that fell through… and it kinda ticked me off.  But, due to the apartment falling through, we had to move in with my parents around June 6, 2001.  We lived with them for 17 days before we secured a better apartment in Monument Colorado.  We moved in June 23, 2001, and even though I lost the deposit to the first apartment, this new one was so much better it made the sting a little sweeter…. but not much.
We lived and established our family in downtown Monument for 1319 Days, until we had to end our lease on February 1, 2005.  Ashlynn was born while we were out of state, and due to her condition, My wife and I had to move home with our respective parents, and there we lived for almost a year until December 16, 2005, when I secured work in Salt Lake City and could move in with my family, at the time taking up residence with my in-laws.  We lived with our parents for a totol of 347 days, until we found an apartment in Sandy, Utah on January 14, 2006.
We lived in Sandy for just under 3 years, or a total of 942 days.  Mid way through 2008, I got a raise at work that was enough to allow us to buy a house.  So we went looking and bought one in July.  We moved to Tooele on August 13, 2008.
As of today, We've lived in Tooele for 313 days, we've moved 4 times in 2938 Days and we've been Married for 2945 days.  Well, even though we have an impressive number of moves and such, Our longest residence was in Monument Colorado at 1319 days.  On March 24, 2012, we will have matched that number of days in our own house. That is 1006 days in the future, and on that day, we will have been married just shy of 11 years, or 3951 days.
see what happens when I get bored?