A German gunmaker has recently released what they have labeled a “Smart Gun”. You can read about it here. Basically, the firearm includes technology which only allows it to only be used by the person wearing an accompanying RFID chip.  This is the worst idea in the world! Ok, that’s a few more than a word. […]

Yesterday was the Big Game; The Superbowl. I was born in Colorado to a family who are bleeding orange Broncos fans. I was raised as a Broncos fan and cheered and rooted for them every season that I can remember. I was born on a Monday night, interrupting a Bronco v. Cowboys game. I don’t […]

I was doing some reading in the scriptures the other day when I came across a rather profound point that I’d like to share with you today. As I was reading in 1 Nephi chapter 8, I came across a verse I’ve read easily a dozen times, if not more. In verse 20, Lehi is […]