Football and Fandom

Yesterday was the Big Game; The Superbowl.

I was born in Colorado to a family who are bleeding orange Broncos fans. I was raised as a Broncos fan and cheered and rooted for them every season that I can remember. I was born on a Monday night, interrupting a Bronco v. Cowboys game. I don’t know who won that game, but a broncos fan was literally born.

I have tried to like other teams. I was a Cowboys fan for a couple years, until I realized I was a “bandwagon” fan. In a strange twist of luck, my monogrammed Cowboys hat was ripped off my head by a gust of wind and sucked out the window of my friend’s car; thus ending my support for the Cowboys. But I digress.

When I was in High School, I did become a Steelers fan, and am still one to this day, but the Broncos are still number 1 on my list. So, sitting at my friends house watching the (shudder) Seahawks just walk all over the Broncos during the big game, I fear we’re going to see a mass of new Seahawks fans board the bandwagon. They’ll be everywhere and they will attempt to be cool by mentioning how their new favorite team dominated in the Superbowl.

Just remember, the loyal fans stick with their team when they’re doing good and when they lose. One (horrible) loss does not determine the direction of the team. I didn’t go out and burn my Steeler’s stuff when they sucked this season. I was still a fan and will continue to be one. The same goes with the Broncos.

So, if you’re jumping on the Seahawks bandwagon, you better think carefully about the decision you are making, for the real fans will remember when you turn tail and run when their time at the top has been expired. 

As for me, there is no bandwagon. I am in the ditches, still a fan and if they never win a game again, those true fans that stand with me will be there United in Orange! 

Good job, Broncos. You had an amazing season with only four losses. Who cares that one of those losses was the big game, You’ve got yourself  a great team and the season was impressive. Let us not forget the plethora of NFL records that were shattered by the Broncos this season. So they lost the game, big whoop. They set a record for most touchdowns in a single season that will stand for a very long time. They are the ONLY team to have 5 receivers with double digit touchdowns in a single season….. EVER! Let’s see the Seahawks try to match some of those statistics next year. They won’t be able to, I guarantee it, 

So I leave it to you, who is the better team? As for me and my house, we will be BRONCOS fans forever!