A Word On “Smart” Pistols

A German gunmaker has recently released what they have labeled a “Smart Gun”. You can read about it here. Basically, the firearm includes technology which only allows it to only be used by the person wearing an accompanying RFID chip. 

This is the worst idea in the world! Ok, that’s a few more than a word. Not a single person should own one of these so-called “Smart” pistol. The second amendment guarantees the right to bear arms, and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld that right. Having technology that limits the use of a firearm is an infringement which makes these weapons incompatible with the second amendment. If the people of California rush out and purchase “smart” pistols, they will undermine the spirit and the purpose of the second amendment.

A scenario: You come over to my house one evening to play cards, and I own one of these firearms to protect myself. While we are playing cards, a hostile assailant barges into the house and incapacitates me. You, now alone in the house, desire to protect yourself so you take my firearm for your own protection. The problem is that the firearm won’t work for you. You pull the trigger in self defense, but the gun refuses to fire. It has just become a very shiny paperweight.

What’s more, what’s stopping a hacker to arm himself with a jamming device that disables the “smart” firearms within x meters of him. Or worse, the police arm themselves with such a jamming device? Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure most of our law enforcement officers across the nation are responsible and would never disarm the people, but a simple Google search shows a growing epidemic of officers who aggressively act against the wrong individual.

Sure, this firearm is only a .22 caliber, but what happens when the technology finds its way into all firearms. What would stop the state-run militia from using jamming technology to disable all firearms and render the inhabitants of the nation defenseless?

I know that could never happen, but what if? If you need more proof and a clearer explanation of the 2nd amendment and its purpose, watch the following video by Penn and Teller, where they explain in simple terms what the wording means. There is a very foul word at the end of the video, so I duly warn you about a forthcoming F-Bomb if you choose to watch the video.