Cops and Parking, A Final Word

Dear Salt Lake Police Department, 

I thank you for your response on police cruiser parking. For the benefit of the people following this series, I include the tweet here:

The picture is of an internal memo sent today addressing the issue of my previous two posts regarding parking on Main. I understand and agree with the statement that a marked car is a visual deterrent to crime.

I do understand that employers extend certain benefits of the company to their employees, either by discounts on goods or other perks (such as using the company’s software for a free or a reduced cost). I see that one of the benefits of being employed by the police department the access to parking downtown. Thank you for addressing this issue. If I am cognizant of this behavior, I’m certain other citizens are as well. I still think two hour parking should be limited to two hours, no matter the vehicle parked.

I want to clarify that I am not critical of the boys in blue who protect our streets. Growing up, I wanted to be a Police officer. I used to make paper badges and arrest my sister for being my sister. When I was 14 years old, I joined a Law Enforcement Explorer post with the Colorado Springs Police Department and got a badge of my own. As a CSPD Cadet for nearly 6 years, I was trained by department officers, participated in law enforcement competitions and made may close friends on the force. I have seen first hand the sacrifice that officers make for others. I have stood side by side with the officers of the CSPD. 

To all officers in SLC and abroad, I do thank you for your service!


The Masked Crusader