Monday Something: Like A Girl. I love this message. I have two daughters who I expect to be strong and confident. Let’s get the connotation of the phrase Like a Girl to mean something positive rather than something negative. (Source:

I’m going to start something inspired by reading Single Dad Laughing today. I’m going to try to write something every Monday. I can’t promise the subject, or how it will sound, but I will write something every Monday…. now if I could just come up with a good name for the series. More on that […]

Before I start talking about what the Unbeatable Position is, I first have say that I did not come up with the Unbeatable Position. While I was on my mission in Florida, I came across a teaching pamphlet which included a lot of what I’m going to share here. I don’t have the pamphlet with […]

There is a fundamental difference between Liberals and Conservatives that I’m going to share with you today. Ann Coulter said once that “a liberal is just a conservative without facts or logic.” and I tend to agree with her. A liberal is a child who has never grown up. My kids fight and bicker, and […]