The Unbeatable Position

Before I start talking about what the Unbeatable Position is, I first have say that I did not come up with the Unbeatable Position. While I was on my mission in Florida, I came across a teaching pamphlet which included a lot of what I’m going to share here. I don’t have the pamphlet with me as I’m typing this, but I’m almost completely certain that I still have it somewhere with my mission things.

One more thing, The unbeatable position is not a teaching tool! I can’t stress this enough. I tried to use it on my mission as a teaching tool, but it almost always leads to a bible-bashing session with the other person. It should only be used as a last resort. The Spirit cannot teach when there is contention (See 3 Ne. 11:29), and there usually is contention when using the Unbeatable Position. That being said, sometimes it is possible to use, but use your good judgement. So, here it is. The Unbeatable Position:

When someone tells you that you’re not going to Heaven, simply ask the person, “According to your beliefs, what do I have to do to get into Heaven?”

Get out a pen and some paper and help them draft a list of requirements. If the person is devout in their beliefs, they should be able to come up with a reasonable list of requirements without much help from you. The important part is to make sure it is their list of requirements according to their beliefs, not yours.That’s it! Now comes the fun part, Resolving Concerns. In order to work through the Unbeatable Position, I’ve gone ahead and listed some typical things you might see on their list. I’ve numbered my list so that I can reference the points later.

  1. Believe in Jesus Christ and accept him as your personal savior, Declare that Jesus is Lord.
  2. Love the Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost
  3. Obey the Ten Commandments
  4. Confess your sins / Repent
  5. Do good works
  6. Attend Church regularly
  7. Pray regularly
  8. Read in the Scriptures
  9. Be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ / Receive the Holy 
  10. Partake of the Sacrament

If your person is unable to come up with a list, WikiHow has this list which you can use as a starting point. The final part of the unbeatable position is to declare to the person, “According to your beliefs, I’m going to Heaven.” But, how can that be? Let me explain, and I’ll use the list from justify how I am going to Heaven.

In order to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (or the Mormons), you must be baptized, but before you can be baptized, you must be interviewed by an Elder of the church (either a missionary, bishop, branch president, etc) to determine if you meet the requirements for baptism. In that interview, you must establish that you meet the following:

  • That you believe in and have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. That you love Him and have accepted Him as your savior [1,2]
  • That you keep the commandments [3]
  • That you’ve repented of your sins and that you do good works. [4,5]
  • That you attend church regularly [6]
  • That you’ve prayed and received a testimony of the Lord and His Church [7]
  • That you read regularly in the Scriptures [8]

Now, at this point, even before baptism, we’ve marked off most of the list above. Once someone has this interview, if they are found worthy of baptism, they’ll be baptized by immersion and then receive the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands, just like in the bible [9]. Finally, after baptism, at church every week, Mormons partake of the Sacrament [10].

Therefore, according to the list above, Mormons are going to go to Heaven, but Latter Day Saints believe in doing more than the minimum, and we don’t believe that God will take away our salvation if we do more than the minimum requirements.

When using the Unbeatable Position, you’ll have to adapt your discussion to the list that both you and your friend make, but if they’re Christian, even the rules set forth by their own religion say that Mormons are going to Heaven.

There is one thing that might get in the way, and that’s the concept of Authority. Occasionally, you’ll have someone tell you that the ordinances must be done by the proper authority. You must then ask them how someone gets their authority. Many protestants believe that you can get your authority to preach or baptize by attending a religious school and receiving a degree in preaching or theology, but an ecclesiastical college does not have the authority to grant someone else the authority to perform ordinances in the name of God. That power can only come from God. So, they’re left without a leg to stand on. 

The only Christian religion that has any footing on the subject of authority are the Catholics. If the Catholics truly do have apostolic succession from Peter down through the Pope today, then they are the true religion and the Mormons are not. If there was a break in the apostolic succession, then a restoration of the authority was necessary and Joseph Smith did restore the authority. That’s it, It’s either the Catholics or the Mormons. The protestants can’t have the authority because they either apostatized from the true authority of the Catholics when they broke away or the Catholics never had it to begin with. The same goes for the apostate groups from the Mormon church: they either lost their authority when they split from the church or the Mormons never had it.

This is the Unbeatable Position.