They’re a Joke

I have to confess, I didn’t watch the Academy Awards last night. The problem with the Academy Awards is that it’s an award event that is forced upon the people. They cancel our television shows and they hype it up when we, the people, didn’t have anything to do with who got nominated for an award and don’t have a say on who wins an award, yet the Academy Award is regarded as the most elite of awards. If you ask me, the People’s Choice award should be lauded as the most elite, since it was chosen by the people who ultimately give these directors, actors, sound and special effect guys their jobs. The Academy doesn’t pay to see the movies.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like some of the actors that won. JK Simmons was very overdue for an award of any type, and I’m glad he won almost every type of award for his role in whatever movie he was in. I had never heard of it, so I looked it up on Wikipedia. Oh, yeah, it only grossed $12 million, yet won scads of awards. Why? American Sniper has grossed nearly $450 Million, yet it only won one award (best sound? gimme a break), I think that it should have won every award it was nominated for, and more. 

I’ll leave it there: The Academy Awards are a joke. All the wrong roles won all the wrong categories. And the roles that made a difference in the industry go largely unnoticed. Let’s get these stupid insider award shows off the television and only broadcast those where the people have had a say in the winners. Let’s replace the Academy Awards with People’s Choice for Movies. Let’s replace the Emmy’s with People’s Choice for Television. Let’s replace the Tony’s with People’s Choice for Theatre. Lets replace the Grammy’s with People’s Choice for Music. After all, if the people don’t have a choice, we shouldn’t allow them to take over our world.