Inverting the Food Pyramid

You’ve undoubtedly heard about the Food Pyramid; the cute pyramid that is supposed to show you what types of food to eat and how much of each proportionally to the other groups. This isn’t a new thing, but the way the United States has messed up the pyramid, and this is the key to understanding the obesity problem that is running rampant in the States.

The Youtube channel “Today I found Out” recently did a wonderful video about the history of the food pyramid wherein they talk about where the food pyramid was originally developed and how the United States Government was lobbied to modify it by the different food Industries. The video is 12 minutes long, but interesting. If you have time, you can watch it here.

The TL;DR is that the food pyramid was developed in the 1970s in Sweden. It was initially a good idea and was developed properly. A few years later, the United States tried to adopt it in it’s original form, but was lobbied to change certain things by different food industries into what it is today. Now it’s just a mess, and nothing about the food pyramid is keto.

So, what do I mean by inverting the food pyramid? Under the Keto diet, the food pyramid is nearly upside down. Nuts and berries are dangerous, but not prohibited. They are roughly equivilent to the sugars and sweets of the traditional food pyramid. Under that we have vegetables, but they must be green or non-starchy. Eggs, heavy creams and healthy oils should be about 25% of your diet, and a good 50% of a healthy keto diet should be proteins and fats.

The Masked Crusader’s Keto Food Pyramid

Finally, I have the Foundation of the Forbidden. These are foods that you must never eat to remain in ketosis. Taking all of these points into consideration, here is my rendering of the Keto Food Pyramid.

In the next article, we’ll take a closer look into each of these sections and how to incorporate them fully into your Keto diet. Understanding this pyramid is the key to a successful no-counting Keto diet. If you don’t want to memorize this pyramid, then you can successfully get into ketosis by following these four simple rules.

  1. Do not eat Carbohydrates!
  2. Do not eat Fruits!
  3. Do not eat root vegetables!
  4. Eat more meats than you feel comfortable eating.
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