A few years ago, a friend of ours brought us this popcorn treat during the Christmas season, and every year we look forward to his treats arriving at our doorstep. This year, however, we were making treats for another family party and wanted to take this wonderful popcorn. Instead of asking my friend if I […]

I was introduced to the microwave mug brownie years ago, but all the recipes I found online were not right for my liking. Determined to taste the best mug brownie ever, my wife and I dug out the common ingredients among all of the other recipes we had found and experimented with the ingredient quantities […]

A few years ago, I was searching for the best, yet easiest, caramel recipe. I had inherited a recipe from my wife’s grandfather (which is mostly captured in the recipe below), but his recipe requires constant stirring. I had done a deep dive in internet searches looking for a good caramel recipe that would work […]