I have to confess, I didn’t watch the Academy Awards last night. The problem with the Academy Awards is that it’s an award event that is forced upon the people. They cancel our television shows and they hype it up when we, the people, didn’t have anything to do with who got nominated for an […]

Monday Something: Like A Girl. I love this message. I have two daughters who I expect to be strong and confident. Let’s get the connotation of the phrase Like a Girl to mean something positive rather than something negative. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

I’m going to start something inspired by reading Single Dad Laughing today. I’m going to try to write something every Monday. I can’t promise the subject, or how it will sound, but I will write something every Monday…. now if I could just come up with a good name for the series. More on that […]

Before I start talking about what the Unbeatable Position is, I first have say that I did not come up with the Unbeatable Position. While I was on my mission in Florida, I came across a teaching pamphlet which included a lot of what I’m going to share here. I don’t have the pamphlet with […]

There is a fundamental difference between Liberals and Conservatives that I’m going to share with you today. Ann Coulter said once that “a liberal is just a conservative without facts or logic.” and I tend to agree with her. A liberal is a child who has never grown up. My kids fight and bicker, and […]

We are a somewhat musical family. Both my wife and I played instruments growing up, my daughter currently excels in playing the piano, and I am a self-proclaimed audiophile. I love listening to music. In my teens, I joined both Columbia House and BMG music’s monthly music subscription. For about $20 a month, I was […]

I have been riding the commuter bus for nearly 8 years now. I started riding the bus when a company I worked for years ago subsidized the the monthly pass at the same rate that they paid for parking for their employees. It was a great deal, I could park my car at the park’n’ride […]

Hello, my name is Topher, and I’m a Pepsi drinker. I started drinking Pepsi when I was probably 14 years old. Before then, it was a treat because my parents didn’t want me addicted to the caffeine. When I was really little, they bought Pepsi Free, the caffeine free version of Pepsi in the early […]

Dear Salt Lake Police Department,  I thank you for your response on police cruiser parking. For the benefit of the people following this series, I include the tweet here: Apparently letter from #SLC @maskedcrusader — Yes, we have one. — spurred this order to @slcpd officers. pic.twitter.com/3syZEMRNII #UtahCrime — Nate Carlisle (@natecarlisle) April 2, 2014 […]